“Sonic Shadow” and “HeartBeat” rehearsal with Karole Armitage, choreographer, Art Basil Miami Beach


Lecture at Wentworth School of Technology, Boston, MA

Lecture at Bangkok University, Bankok, Thailand

“Soundstair On Tour: Bangkok” Feb 21-Feb 27

“Keep Austin Weird” Presentation, Austin Airport, Austin TX

MARCH 2017

“Whistle Grove: The National Steamboat Monument” – Systems Upgrade

“Soundstair: Michigan” St. Joseph, MI

“Sonic Pass: Cook Childrens” Cook Childrens Hospital, Fort Wort, TX 

“Circling” Upgrade, Dallas FortWorth Hospital, Dallas, TX

MAY 2017

“Harmonic Grove: OLOLCH” All final drawings due

“Whistle Grove: The National Steamboat Monument” upgrade in cue

“Circling”- DFW Airport, Upgrade in cue

“Touch My Building: Charlotte” Upgrade prototype board in design

“Miami Trains”- Colored film design for Miami Airport trains, Miami, FL

JUNE 2017

Rehearsal of “HeartBeat” with New York City Ballet principal

“Rainbow Cove”, Logan Airport, Boston, MA – Upgrade in cue

Mint Museum Proposal in process


Sonic Shadow: Performance w/ Karole Armitage, choreographer, Art Basil Miami Beach