Chromatic Oasis
Sacramento International Airport

Inaugurated 1998

Chromatic Oasis consists of large colored transparent flat glass forms suspended horizontally from the ceiling under a colored skylight. As passing pedestrians walk underneath the forms, they are bathed in colored light and their movement triggers a mix of melodic and environmental sounds. This “sonic portrait” is composed of sounds from the history of Sacramento—from steamboat whistles to horses on cobbled-stoned streets.

The presence of Chromatic Oasis changes the visual and aural aspects of the terminal for the nearby pedestrians, just as the pedestrians change the environment of the terminal by interacting with the piece, creating a place of rest, an ‘oasis’, within the airport environment.

Project credits:
Linda Bloom/Sacramemto Metropoolitan Arts Commission, Brad Stark, Steve Odenhal/Sacramento Theatrical Lighting

Project sponsors:
Rockwell International/Allen-Bradley/Photo-Switch Division, AKAI Musical Instruments, Belden Wire and Cable, BOSE Corporation, USHIO Lighting