Sonic Shadow

Janney began working on this concept in 1981 as part of his “Inside Rhythms” series, along with “Percussion-Discussion” and “HeartBeat”. This work was an extension of his “Soundstair” concept, but it experimented with a performer’s capacity to generate sound using their entire body as an instrument. “I hooked up a video camera to my interactive electronics, so a dancer could use his whole body to generate a sound score—like ‘dancing to your own dancing.’”

Performances: Institute for Contemporary Art, Boston, MA: Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Washington DC; Joyce Theater, New York, NY; Lincoln Center, New York, NY; Mohave Desert, California, City Center, New York, NY, American Dance Festival, San Antonio Children’s Museum.

Project credits: Tom Kruzinzki, Jesse Sayre, Berred Ouellettte/Project Manager Project sponsors: Oberheim Electronics, Rockwell International-AIM Division, Center for AdvancedVisual Studies, MIT