Ballpark of The Palm Beaches Integrated Public Art

West Palm Beach, FL ©2015 PhenomenArts, Inc.

Commissioned design for the West Palm Beach Ballpark, integrating colored structural glass into shade structures as well as bridge railings. Highlighting the great American tradition of baseball and the phrases that are celebrated by fans and players, certain aspects of the colored glass would have etched text.



“Spectral Tower” Concept

Guilford Aquatic Centre, Surrey, BC

©2012 PhenomenArts, Inc.

spectral tower.slider

This is a proposal for a “tower of soft colored light.” It will be 10-15 meters tall, 1.2 meters in diameter. Stabilized with cables, it is designed to be placed in the middle of or near a traffic island at the entrance to a city. It will have 4-6 “slits” going up the entire length of the column (see drawings). This “Spectral Tower” will be veiled in a mist to enhance the spectral effects, soften the form and react to the changing winds, It will look enchanting and mysterious from a distance. Approaching it in vehicle, the viewer will see the colors changing as the viewer’s angle to the tower changes. It will always appear to change form due to the intensity of the water mist interacting with the wind and humidity.

During the day, the diffraction-grading brushed metallic surface will create rainbow colors in the water-mist. At night, hidden columns of LED light will shine out through the slits. As well, the column will also be illuminated from the ground. Lastly, there will also be a high-powered white light at the top of the tower, shooting straight up into the night sky.


Minneapolis Tower
Minneapolis, MN ©2014 PhenomenArts, Inc.

MinneapolisTOWER1Commissioned Proposal – a bold statement of colored glass, integrated text and light – viewable by pedestrians as well as vehicles from the nearby expressway.



Upham’s Corner Pedestrian Walkway

Boston, MA ©2015 PhenomenArts, Inc.

04C-RenderingsCommissioned proposal for a pedestrian underpass in Boston’s Dorchester area. The objective was to animate and light the pedestrian walkway. This design incorporates interactive elements that trigger light and sound, and a overall color and light treatment of the bridge and related structural components.



Touch My Building – Tebeau Hall

William H. Tebeau Residence Hall Art Commission, Oregon State University 

©2015 PhenomenArts, Inc.



Commissioned Proposal for a residence hall entryway at Oregon State University. The concept employed structural colored glass, an immersive sound score and text derived from university and local history.




Blue Palm: Tampa 

Tampa International Airport, Tampa, FL 

©2016 PhenomenArts, Inc.


Commissioned proposal titled “Blue Palm: Tampa,” the form is based on an abstraction of the intricate interweaving of a palm tree trunk. With this as a starting point, and given the restriction of the site and installation limitations, I arrived at the current form. Working with transparent colored blue glass of different shades gives the work a depth and color that is stunning during the day by natural light. At night, lighting the colored glass from above and below will offer an entirely different and provocative image. As well, depending on the viewing angle, the narrow and wide elements of the sculpture appear to change.